Tournaments RBY World Cup II - Round 1

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RBYWC Unofficial PR!!!
After a whole 2 weeks of carefulel deliberation in the mountains of Ireland, I have finally returned with a tangible PR. This PR was made from the submissions or each manager and co-manager, and averaged out on a scale of 0-13. Those who did not submit had the averages substituted with their score.
1. :sv/machamp: Italy:sv/machamp:

Average: 11.86
2. :sv/rhydon:Germany:sv/rhydon:
Average: 11.14
3. :sv/blastoise:France:sv/blastoise:
Average: 10.36
4. :sv/tauros:Spain + Portugal:sv/Tauros:
Average: 9.71
5. :sv/slowbro-mega:US Northeast:sv/slowbro-mega:
Average: 8.67
6. :sv/ponyta-galar:UK + Ireland:sv/ponyta-galar:
Average: 7.93
7. :sv/articuno:Canada:sv/articuno:
Average: 6.57
8. :sv/kingler:Oceania:sv/kingler:
Average: 6.36

9. :sv/tauros:US West:sv/tauros:
Average: 5.57
9. :sv/gyarados:Asia:sv/gyarados:
Average: 5.57
11.:sv/zapdos:US Central:sv/zapdos:
Average: 4.43
12. :sv/weavile:Chile:sv/weavile:
Average: 3.71
13. :sv/primeape:Brazil:sv/primeape:
Average: 2.71
13. :sv/raikou:Europe:sv/raikou:
Average: 2.71
15. :sv/snorlax:Mexico:sv/Snorlax:
Average: 0.93
Writeups by royzin!
1. Italy: Italy is a very stacked team full of SPL players. Heroic Troller is considered the best RBY player of all time by some, Amaranth and marcoasd are also well established in SPL. Last year there were able to make finals but lost to Germany, now they added more talented players like Laroxyl. Can their star power carry them to a win this year?

2. Germany: The winners of the tour last year, and a team stacked with SPL players. Serpi is considered the best RBYer right now by some, Lusch and Felix are also well-regarded SPL players. Rounding out the slots are Raizen, who has improved greatly since last year, and erz and Leru, who are more unknown names. Can their talent and winning culture lead to a repeat?

3. France: France is a team with stacked with great players but to a lesser degree than Italy and Germany I think. Last year they were able to make semis but lost in a resounding 5-1 to Italy. Kaz, Peasonay, and Koala have appeared in SPL and have had good tour results. Quarante8 and Bihi are also good players with good results, though none have been in SPL. Yazu is a fresh addition to the team after being snubbed last year, hopefully the rby randoms goat can have a successful season.

4. Iberia: Iberia is a team that were not even in the tour last year, but have decided to enter the tour this year with a super team. The lineup features Chuva and Kenix who were in the most recent SPL and have tour wins. SMB hasn’t played in a while it seems, but he is a former circuit winner and SPL player. Sceptross has been in SPL and was very successful in RBYPL. Raanshin, Malekith, and Justamente are also very well-regarded players. I think this ranking underrates them based on who they have, I suppose it’s because they’re freshly created.

5. US North East: A very solid team who last year were able to take Germany to tie breaks in quarterfinals before losing unfortunately. This year they’ve gotten better by adding ABR, the 2023 circuit winner and SPL player. SadisticNarwhal, Emma, and Isza are also very solid players with SPL experience. Gastlies and Excal are also very good players too with plenty of tour experience. This seems like a pretty fair ranking in my opinion. Can they make it past the 1st round of playoffs this year?

6. UK + Ireland: Here is where the team quality has dropped off considerably. UK + Ireland is a newly formed team with some decent players that have had tour experience. Tarvold made it to circuit last year, while Cake and YBW also had some decent tour results last year. Can they overcome their inexperience in the tour and make the playoffs? Also, shoutout to the youtuber Big Yellow. Overall, this ranking seems a little high, but I still think they have a decent shot at playoffs.

7. Canada: A team that finished 2nd to last in the standings last year, have improved by adding SPL player Hayburner. They also added solid players like GirlsSeeGhosts and Teh. Can they bounce back with new talent and make it to playoffs this year?

8. Oceania: A team that was surprisingly able to make playoffs this year has returned with more or less than the same team. Nicole and Wazza are solid players and were able to perform well with positive records last year. Nicole was able to win the last summer seasonal showing her improvement in the tier. Outside of these two the team is not really that talented as the others in terms of skill, but they have good team chemistry and team building. Nicole scouts and gives the other players teams/prep I believe. Can their teamwork help them make the playoffs again?

9. US West: A team that finished 8th place last year, which was a few games away from playoffs. Ctown is the clear star of the team followed by Shiloh, Sabelette is also decent. They lost good players Maya Chansey and MrSoup unfortunately which hurt them and replaced them with players that are very new to RBY. They’re starting a lot of RBY noobs so their inexperience will hurt them a lot I think, and this is not hindsight biased analysis I ranked them low before the tour started. This ranking seems too high I ranked them 11th I believe. Can they overcome their difficulties and make the playoffs?

10. Asia: This is a team that tied for playoffs I believe but ended up losing in tie breakers. A solid team with some very experienced RBY players, I would have ranked them higher before the tour started. UnownDragon and Torchic are very solid and experienced players, Unown was even able to make it to circuit last year. Mister Tim is considered an inconsistent player but he has experience and has had good results like finishing 4th in invitational I believe, went positive in rbypl. Egor was also in RBYPL but didn’t get to play because Kaz didn’t want to take risks, gg. Can Asia use their experience to make playoffs this year?

11. US Central: A team that is the combination of US Midwest and US South, since South didn’t have enough players to form this year. Both US Midwest and South missed playoffs last year, Midwest finished 10th and South finished 11th. The lineup this year features Enigami,royzin, and beeorsomething, all pretty solid players with some good tour results in my opinion. Avarice and deezcastforms are also experienced and have played ou in rbypl. Overall, I think they can make the playoffs and this ranking is way too low. This is not hindsight biased btw lol I knew we could make it before the tour started.

12. Chile: Another newly formed team this year. Vileman is a good spl player, Mendeez played ou in rbypl before, everyone else is a random/inexperienced, I think. It’d be difficult for them to make the playoffs but who knows.

13. Brazil: A newly created team filled with mostly new RBY players. I hope they can shock the world and make it to playoffs. I think most of these players are good in other gens mainly.

14. Europe: Not a newly created team, but still mostly filled with inexperienced rby players. I thought they’d be in front of Brazil since some of them played last year so surprising ranking.

15. Mexico: Another newly created team filled with mostly new RBY players. I think railgun is their most experienced, nothing more to say.
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